It is essential to ensure that mobile communication devices do not have harmful effects on health due to radio-frequency electromagnetic fields. CTC advanced provides EMF – the measurement of electromagnetic fields, testing of HAC (Hearing Aid compatibility) as well as SAR, testing of the specific absorption rate.

Besides the contribution to safeguard radiation protection compliance, CTC advanced supports the Medical Industry with expert consulting, testing and certification solutions to ensure that your product meets the required quality, health, environmental and safety standards for a smooth market access.

Due to the ever increasing number of wireless communications technologies it must be ensured that the exposure of electromagnetic fields are within the limit values in order to avoid harmful effects on health.

  • Metrological acquisition of predominant EMF exposure conditions at a specified site or inside an specific area.
  • Wide-band exposure measurements with isotropic field probes up to 60 GHz
  • Frequency-selective field measurements using a diversity of test antennas to identify the origin
  • Calculation of safety distances from antenna locations according to requirements by RED Art. 3(1) a)
  • Measurement of field intensity or power density in order to determine safety distances from antenna stations according to approved specifications (for example EN 50413)
  • Precise measurements of distances, installation heights and installation angles
  • Determination of electromagnetic shielding of buildings, walls, protective foils and clothes
  • EMF-investigations in the scope of accident prevention regulation and industrial safety
  • Comparison of examined exposure situations with basic / reference limit values or proposed limit values according to EU-Council-Recommendation 1999/519/EG, ICNIRP-Guideline, 26.BImSchV from Germany, NISV from Switzerland.
  • Easily understood documentation relating to measurements and test results such as test reports, certification, expert opinions, recommendations
  • Measurements or calculation of electromagnetic field emissions of stand-alone devices according to EN 50364, EN 50385, EN50401, EN62311 and EN 62479
  • Measurements of electromagnetic fields of high voltage devices, power mains networks etc. according to the requirements of Directive 2013/35/EU of the European Parliament or German BGV B11

HAC testing involves measuring the magnetic and electric field produced by a phone to ensure it does not interfere with the sound quality of a hearing aid. HAC testing was originally introduced in late 1970’s with the purpose of making it possible to couple a wired telephone with a hearing aid. Nowadays, these requirements have been extended to wireless devices.

HAC for mobile phones

  • ANSI C63.19 (required by FCC for US market)
  • M-Rating and T-Rating (to assist hearing aid users in finding wireless devices
    which are compatible with their hearing aids)
  • DASY5 test system
    • RF interference measurements according to ANSI C63.19, E-field emission and H-field emission.
    • Audio frequency measurements according to ANSI C63.19, T-Coil signal amplitude, T-Coil frequency response and T-Coil signal to noise measurement.

HAC for telecommunication equipment

  • FCC: CFR 47 FCC Part 68 (USA)
  • ISED: IC CS-03 Part V (Canada)
  • AS/ACIF S040 (Australia)
  • ETS 300 381 (Europe)
  • ETS/ES 200 381-1
  • IEC 60118-0, -1, -2, -6, -7
  • NSH 7.0 / NSH 7.0 Amex A
  • IEC 60118-13
  • ANSI C63.19
  • AS/NZS 1088.9

CTC advanced is accredited for medical devices, such as blood sugar meters, hearing aid devices, diagnostic equipment, operating tables, insulin pumps, etc.

The competence of CTC advanced is recognized by the Center for Health Protection of Medicines and Medical Devices according to the following guidelines:

  • Medical Device Directive (93/42/EEC)
  • In Vitro Diagnostic Directive (98/79/EC)

As a test service, we offer the following standards:

  • IEC / EN 60601-1
  • IEC / EN 60601-1-8, -1-11, 2-66, -1-2
  • IEC /EN 61326-2-6



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