Battery Safety

CTC advanced supports battery and car manufacturers in the safety qualification of high-capacity Li-Ion battery systems.
The safety of lithium-ion batteries, especially for use in electric vehicles and energy storage systems is very important. In particular, the high energy density in form of chemical elements and the usually high electric charge must be controlled, even in extreme situations in order to avoid hazards.

Accreditations for Battery Safety Testing:

  • IEC 62133
  • IEC 62281
  • IEC 60086
  • Mechanical Stress
  • Electrical Stress
  • Climatical Stress
  • Artificial Aging
  • EMC – Electromagnetic Compatibility of the Battery Management System (BMS)
  • LVD – Electrical Safety for High Voltage devices in Battery Systems
  • Immersion / Flooding
  • Recording system to display the test results (Highspeed camera, Infrared video camera, Data recording)
  • ST-SG-AC.10-11, 38.3
  • Electrical
  • Mechanical
  • Crash Test Bench
  • Climatic

When form factors and lighter weight of Li-Ion battery cells are required the reliability and safety of such battery packs play a major role. CTC advanced supports Assembler of battery packs in the development of safer battery systems, no matter which application area

  • UN Transportation Tests
  • IEC 62133:2012 (specifying the safety requirements for portable sealed secondary cells for use in portable applications)
  • UL 1642, 2054

ECE regulations generally refer to a set of internationally agreed common technical regulations for motor vehicles as well as for parts and equipment of these. The ECE R100 provides uniform provisions concerning the approval of battery propelled vehicles and the electric powertrain. CTC advanced´s test center for high capacity battery systems is able to perform the various test cases acc. to ECE R 100 extensively.
CTC advanced is designated by the KBA (Kraftfahrt Bundesamt) as technical service provider for ECE R 100 and carries out testing in their highly equipped battery test center and supports its customers with the KBA approval handling.



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