CTC advanced的主要特色是对绝大部分具有最先进的通信接口的电子设备进行测试及认证。CTC advanced精通世界各地的审批程序,并将其专业应用于快速而独立同系化的客户设备上。-无论他们属于哪个行业。 依据ISO 17025认可的实验室对无线电接口、电磁兼容性以及电气安全的测量为认证提供了坚实的基础。

在CTC advanced的环境模拟实验室中,产品正接受验证其稳健性的环境影响测试。它们甚至需要经受破坏性的检验, 例如,在电池的安全测试期间。

CTC advanced实验室的“支付&识别”测试及验证非现金支付交易设备,如信用卡和读卡器,以及基于银行业多种认证的ATM机。

在CTC advanced认可实验室中测试的产品非常广泛,包括用于车辆组件的E标记,非接触式信用卡以及助听器和MRI扫描仪。



常务董事:Andreas Ehre

Even now, when the beautiful autumn coziness has already arrived, we keep our eyes on the ball for our customers and continue to move forward. We will also be exhibiting at MEDICA in Dusseldorf, SPS in Nuremberg and TRUSTECH in Paris, where we will be personally available to answer your questions.

The first event will be MEDICA in Dusseldorf, the world forum for medicine, from November 15 to18. We are looking forward to being part of the Saaris joint booth again (booth 7AB01).

Just one week later, you will find us at SPS (Smart Product Solutions) in Nuremberg – this exhibition is also a must-attend event for us (booth 649), because smart and digital automation are important components of our service portfolio.

Last, but not least, we end the exhibition year with TRUSTECH in Paris, THE exhibition for information and telecommunication technology with a focus on payment and identification systems (5.2 D booth 021).

Why are these trade fairs important for you and for us? Just as we are there for you directly and perceptibly in our laboratories, we also show ourselves in this way in the preparation of joint projects, authentically, competently and in a friendly manner. We would be pleased, if you took the opportunity to exchange ideas with us at one or the other exhibition. You are also welcome to contact us in advance to arrange an appointment.

营运总监:Bernd Rebmann

We are not only international in terms of our presence at exhibitions. As a globally active service provider, it is of course essential for us to always be up to date on what is happening in the world and in the markets.

Whether in the context of our increasingly extensive accreditations – such as the expansion of our testing capabilities in the area of Biometric security testing of Android systems – or in the political-economic area – such as the changes in connection with Brexit (Brexit Information) – we are always up-to-date and happy to share this knowledge with our customers.

Regardless of all innovations, we are of course also continuing to expand our established services. For example, we recently expanded and modernized our test center for Abuse & Propagation tests on large batteries in response to the steadily increasing demand, and made it more tangible for our customers.

Do you still see points that we can improve? Feel free to let us know! We would like to implement your criticism constructively and work on us. Just contact us at mail@ctcadvanced.com


RWTÜV是CTC advanced GmbH的强大股东

CTC advanced GmbH是RWTÜV整体公司结构的一部分。


RWTÜV为其投资组合公司提供了坚实的基础,使他们能够在各自的市场中成功建立可持续发展的位置……More about RWTÜV

CTC advanced offers a wide range of services and solutions helping companies to develop and execute product testing plans, to determine a product’s compliance status and to master the increasingly complex regulatory issues of the international market.


Whatever industry or market, anywhere in the world, as soon as communication technologies or renewable energies are involved CTC advanced is your global partner for providing independent component and product testing that aid in improving quality, improving safety and reducing time-to-market.

CTC advanced holds extensive global accreditations for the testing of virtually all telecommunication and IT products. Our test services include safety and quality control, development support, prototype testing and validation, coexistence and interoperability testing.


Anyone who wishes to launch products successfully into local or international markets needs the correct authorizations. In many cases, compliance conditions for particular markets differ from country to country.

CTC advanced certifies according to international and local standards for a wide range of industries and technologies. We can perform the necessary tests and manage the entire certification process from start to finish, helping you to get your product into its target markets quickly.