Visa Prepaid Chip Certification

On September 26th 2019 we gained the official accreditation for VISA Prepaid Chip Certification.

Only accredited labs are allowed to perform VISA Prepaid certifications and we are proud to serve our customers in the field of card level 2 and all chip manufacturers respectively even more comprehensively.

Due to this expansion, CTC advanced can now conduct all VISA applications tests from one source: VIS, VCPS, MA und Prepaid.

At present, card products can be certified according the VISA Prepaid Chip Specification version 1.1.3 (this corresponds to VIS Spec. 1.5.x, VCPS Spec. 2.1.x).

At the end of 2019, the publication of Prepaid Chip Specification version 1.2 by VISA is expected (representing VIS Spec. 1.6.x, VCPS Spec. 2.2.x).