UWB Testing for Europe, USA and Canada

Ultra Wide Band technology (UWB) is popular for radio applications with high data rates and data volumes

in home surroundings or vehicles, as well as for measuring-, tracking- or surveillance implementations. The enormous spectrum of UWB requires a clear system definition in standardization, whereas currently, national approval authorities still pursue different approaches.


In our new improved test environment we are fully capable of performing any test according to RED (Europe), FCC (USA) and ISED (Canada). Sometimes, the limits of UWB in individual countries are strict; we deliver reliable results and proof, that your device meets the current standards. Moreover, our tests provide the solid basis for the approval of UWB systems in nearly any country of this world.


The testing and certification of products with Ultra Wide Band technology is not new for CTC advanced. We have successfully brought many of our customers’ products to the world market in recent years. Benefit from our expertise and our new test capabilities for UWB in our re-designed OTA test hall. Please do not hesitate to contact us!