Testing and certification of devices with LTE for IoT and M2M applications

LTE Cat M1 is the leading technology that allows the connection of IoT (Internet of Things) and M2M (Machine-to-Machine) devices …

using medium data rate and low power consumption. Narrow Band IoT (NB-IoT) uses special LTE categories with a small frequency spectrum and a low power consumption as well.


LTE is the choice for these future technologies and widespread in plenty industries, such as Automotive & Transport, Smart Metering, Smart Buildings, Smart Cities and Connected Health.


CTC advanced is one of the first labs offering LTE Cat M1 and NB-IoT testing. As an extension of our portfolio in cellular testing, we are proud to be nearby this trendsetting topic. Our state of the art testing facilities offer the best service regarding current standards and reliable test results.


Create the future of mobile technologies with your best products and our excellent test services!


But 5G is also already there!

Recently, CTC advanced approved the first 5G implementations for mobile phones. With the help of the Notified Body Services of CTC advanced first 5G mobiles from several brands are available on the European market.