SIGFOX Verified Certification Program

CTC advanced accredited for SIGFOX Verified Certification Program



After being active for the SIGFOX Ready Program, CTC advanced’s highly experienced radio lab is now also offering its services for the SIGFOX Verified Certification Program.

Thus, CTC advanced reaches the highest possible grade of recognition by SIGFOX.

Through the SIGFOX Verified Certification Program, CTC advanced supports designers of modules and reference implementations in qualifying their solution for integrators.

With successful testing and certification at CTC advanced, such module can easily enter the market for any kind of SIGFOX application.

Our extended testing and certification scope enables us to offer our customers one stop testing of any SIGFOX module and reference design and even more, we provide the required regulatory testing, such as EMC, Safety and Radio conformance based on various national and international requirements.”, says Marco Lenjoint, Lab Manager at CTC advanced GmbH.

If you plan the certification of your SIGFOX device, we look forward to guiding you through the entire certification program.