PURE Certification

New accreditation in the field of payment – PURE Kernel/Reader Tests

We are pleased to announce that CTC advanced has received the accreditation for PURE Kernel/Reader Tests

We accompany our customers with the test service for PURE Kernel/Readers, both in development tests and in the final approval tests.

With our test report, you receive a certificate from the PURE Certification Body which you can submit to any card scheme, issuer, acquirer or other stakeholder in the PURE ecosystem.

Alexander Etges,
Testing Manager CTC advanced:

‘We are happy to offer our payment customers a new service, the PURE certification.’

… a bit more about PURE?

PURE is a payment application developed by Thales. Stated as fully compliant with the EMV™ standard by Thales, the PURE payment application was developed for national payment schemes and private payment card associations.

Since PURE is not tied to an existing global payment system, it can be used by private card issuers and national payment systems without the need to enter into a commercial agreement with another payment system.