New Test hall

We have successfully put our newly built test hall into operation and are proud to offer you an extended service portfolio in the near future.


In our new test centre we entirely unite our services in the fields of environmental simulation, battery testing and electrical safety testing.


Environmental Simulation:
Is your product able to resist any environmental conditions?


You are going to market your product worldwide? Even to the most remote corners of the earth?  Maybe you even need to know more about your product’s robustness and durability.  


We have the knowledge and technique to simulate a multiplicity of environmental influences, that your product might encounter globally – heat or coldness, salt corrosion or dust. We put your product through its paces and prove its resistance to environmental influences by means of relevant tests:


  • temperature and climatic tests in climate chambers with inner surfaces up to 2,50 m x 2,50 m x 1,50 m
  • vibration and shock through shakers with forces from 0,9 to 111 kN, for test items in sizes from grams to 1,6 metric tons
  • Crash tests on samples up to a weight of 200 kg, speed up to 50 km/h and acceleration up to 60g
  • salt spray test
  • low air pressure measurements for altitude simulation
  • IP-protection class testing (tightness of dust and waterproofness)
  • UV- and sun simulation systems


Battery Testing
How durable and safe is your battery?


Cutting edge battery technologies – this is where we are at home.


We support manufacturers of batteries in various aspects of market conformity, performance and of course, safety of batteries – whether on cell or module level, whether li-ion battery or other rechargeable battery pack. From battery to energy storage – we are your dedicated partner for the safety qualification of high-performance batteries.

Hereto we inter alia offer:


  • safety test of batteries
  • UN transportation test 38.3
  • fire and abuse tests
  • battery approval for e-vehicles, ECE R100


Our current shaker provides a force vector of 110 kN and is able to handle batteries up to a size of 1,20m and a weight of up to 500 kg.

A further large shaker, which we plan for mid-2019, will enable us to serve our customers even more comprehensively – especially in the field of large-scale batteries. This new shaker will feature a force vector of 300 kN and will make tests available for batteries up to a size of 2,30 m and a weight up to multiple metric tons.


Measurements of electrical safety:
How can you guarantee the safety of your device?


Electrical safety requirements worldwide – we identify potential risks and subject your product to all relevant tests needed for a worldwide approval:


  • electric strength
  • leakage current
  • resistance to fire
  • protection against electric shock
  • protection against energy hazards


Our focus is on you and your product! We support you from the developing stage on and will work with you during the entire testing phase.
Achieve a reliable, fast and cost-efficient market launch with us.

Please feel free to contact us!

Our experts in the field of battery testing, environmental simulation and electrical safety in our team Environmental & Safety Services would be more than happy to answer your questions.

Furthermore, you need EMC testing? FCC? You require more information to worldwide certification? We will gladly provide advice by our team Radio Communications & EMC.