Rebuilt and expanded test facility for abuse tests

Some time ago (see below “Further information”) we introduced our external facility for abuse and propagation tests. Since the demand for our services in this is enormous, we decided to rebuild and expand our test facility for you. This way we can serve you even more comprehensively.

Here we summarized the most important changes for you:

  • Expansion of the control room for operation, documentation and post-processing, as well as expansion of the infrastructure to complete office work-stations
  • Increased independence from the central buildings on the extensive site by ensuring a hot and cold water supply in combination with the construction of sanitary facilities
  • Extension of the existing CO2 extinguishing system with movable pipes and a water mist system
  • Revision of the existing exhaust air system and adaptation to the changed requirements for regular operation

With the consistent continuation of these and similar measures, we will ensure that we always provide you with the safest and best service.


Further information

CTC advanced has driven forward its testing capabilites for the automotive industry by a test facility for abuse tests on large-scale batteries, which is almost unique within Europe.

By using an external property with connection to the infrastructure of a vehicle test site, it is now possible to perform tests, which, due to their characteristics, can only be carried out in an almost explosion-proof environment.

A major advantage of this new facility is the possibility to test particularly large-scale batteries. This testing environment of CTC advanced is unique in Germany.

A footprint of 240 x 180 cm and a height of 200 cm is available for the application of abuse tests to the test item. Batteries with a total mass up to 1.000 kg can be tested.

An exhaust air system with pocket filters and activated carbon filters derives generated outgassing. The required safety in case of a fire is secured by a CO2 extinguishing system controlled from outside.

The following tests can be performed in the new facility:

  • Propagation
    Trigger method:
    cell overcharge/cell short circuit/heating/nail penetration
  • Short circuit
    with max. 1 kV/20 kA for 10 s and a resistance of 5-80 mOhm
  • Crush-Test (available soon)
    for test items up to a size of 200 x 160 x 60 cm and a force of max. 120 kN (according to ECE R 100/136)

Further customer specific tests, such as degassing tests, can also be performed on request!

There is sufficient space around the test field for the insertion and the set-up of customer-owned test equipment. A CEE 16 A is available for our customers as power supply (CEE 32 A on request).

Please note that the local conditions require the delivery of test items and customer’s own test equipment by truck with a lifting platform.

Also in this new external test environment, CTC advanced offers its customers the same possibilities for measurement data and video recording known from its lab sector:

  • high speed data logger:
    8 channels up to 50 kS/s assignable with voltage, temperature (max. 2) and current
  • data logger:
    40 channels up to 10 S/s assignable with voltage, temperature and current
  • Video:
    HD video recording with max. 25 FPS (mp4 format)
    IR      infrared video up to 30 FPS
  • DC voltage supply:
    0-80 V / 180A / 5kW
    0-1 kV / 30A / 10 kW (on request)
    0-20 V / 30 A
  • BMS/BUS Logging:
    4 CAN channels each up to 1 Mbaud
    2 Ethernet 10Mbit/100Mbit/1Gbit/BroadR Reach

We look forward to receiving your inquiries about the tests you require or your questions about our new abuse test facility.

Here you will find our factsheet Abuse & Propagation.

Please contact us and we will be happy to assist you: