New safety standard for IT products and audio/video products

In December 2020, the new IEC/EN 62368-1 will replace the existing safety standards EN 60950-1 and EN 60065-1.

The new 62368-1 has a completely new structure and assumes a new hazard-based approach. This new approach is based on the premise that damage can occur when energy of sufficient strength and duration influences a body. The consideration of the risk caused by possible sources of energy is the most important point for safe device design.

EN 62368 with regard to your risk assessment

Risk assessments are carried out in nearly all industry sectors with a risk potential or in which technical products can cause risks during operation. The risk assessment in general analyzes what can go wrong, how likely it is to happen, what the potential consequences are, and how tolerable the identified risk is. The new EN 62368-1 uses a similar approach.

Old vs. New – CTC advanced offers a check-up service for your product

If your product is already tested and certified according EN 60950-1 or EN 60065-1, in most cases it is possible to update to the new EN 62368-1 with a few Delta Tests. Delta tests safe time and money to keep your product up to date and to show accordance to the new safety standard.

Who is affected?

  • Manufacturers, who are in the development phase and plan to place their products on the market from December 2020 onwards, must follow the new standard with all its changes in new limits and relevant inspection specifications in mind. If you desire support in the interpretation and applicability of requirements to your product, feel free use the expertise of CTC advanced in consulting, testing and certification.
  • Manufacturers, whose products are already placed in the European markets (launched, produced and on stock in Europe), enjoy from the right of continuance for their stock articles. For sure, this is only possible, if the DoC was issued before December 2020
  • Manufacturers, who modify a product, which is already placed on the European markets, are also affected. Every change of a device means that the DoC is not valid anymore and new testing and certification according the current standard is mandatory.

How can we assist you?

CTC advanced is the right partner for:

  • Testing and certification according the new IEC/EN 62368-1 – We highly recommend not to wait until the new standard is mandatory – Be up to date and show quality by having the latest standards on your DoC!
  • Delta testing for your product, which is already tested and certified – only few tests, are needed to get the upgrade, easily, fast and competitively!
  • Competent consulting to prepare your market launch – not only for Safety issues!

Good to know!

CTC advanced does not only conduct the IEC/EN 62368-1 for Europe. With us, you are also able to obtain certification for USA and Canada!