New high voltage power supply unit for tests on cell level

Battery Testing: New power supply unit for tests on cell level…
With our new 4 quadrants power supply unit we are able to perform deep discharge with a constant current up to 1000A into the negative voltage range. Furthermore, we can simulate fast load change with millisecond precision, as well as challenging current profiles between + 1000 and -1000 A.


Technical data:

  • constant current mode: -10 to +10 V / -1000A to+1000A
  • constant voltage mode: 0 to +10V / -1000A to +1000A


Thus, the power supply unit is particularly appropriate for the following cell tests (also, because of its fast switch times):

  • Overcharge
  • Deep discharge
  • Cyclizing with high current
  • Cyclizing within defined voltage limits
  • Propagation tests