New FCC guidance for transmitter modules

At the beginning of the year, the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) published the KDB 996369

as guidance for equipment authorization of transmitter module devices and equipment that incorporates transmitter modules. This is especially important for module manufacturers and module integrators.

Even today, module integrators can integrate already FCC certified transmitter modules into their hosts without new testing and certification. The new guidance provides some new rules for equipment authorization applications.


The guidance for transmitter modules consists of four parts:

  • D01
    Module Certification Guide v02 provides a guide for equipment authorization applications under Section 15.212 modular transmitters
  • D02
    Module Q and A v01 provides additional guidance in a question and answer format
  • D03
    OEM Manual v01 provides guidance to grantees (applicants) intending to certify a modular transmitter (module). It furthermore defines the key elements to be reviewed by a Telecommunication Certification Body (TCB) during the certification process.
  • D04
    Module Integration Guide v01 provides guidance to host product manufactures.


D03 for module manufacturers and D04 for module integrators form the two latest interpretation documents. See the complete guidance at:


The most important amendment for module manufacturers is their obligation to instruct the integrators on how to the implement the module into the host. Thus, manufacturers need to define certain facts in their implementation instructions, e.g.:

  • a list of antennas
  • if applicable: trace design and definition of antenna connectors
  • trace design of the antenna – trace boundary limits for each specific antenna
  • information on RF exposure
  • information on test modes in final configuration
  • disclaimer according to Part 15B


The module integrators must:

  • comply with the module manufacturer’s instructions
  • complain, if the manufacturer’s instructions are inadequate or incomplete
  • demand the release of the new design from the module manufacturer


A module integrator will be liable, if he disregards the guidance!

As diverse as any transmitter is the test plan for the integration of the module into a new host. Only the manufacturer determines test cases, that can affect every technology of a module as well as every operation mode. CTC advanced with its long time experience will be glad to be your competent partner for the testing and certification of your module with any kind of radio technology.

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