Google Android Biometric Security Accreditation

CTC advanced is now accredited and listed as Google corporation partner for Biometric Security Testing meeting Android’s requirements for fingerprint testing.

This accreditation of particular interest to any provider or integrator of biometric sensors, and surely to mobile phone providers using the Android OS. The experts at CTC advanced are versed in checking the resistance of systems against fake fingerprints (spoofing), which is an important quality aspect in the area of identification.

We have the possibility to offer you open testing time slots for your product in a timely manner so that your type approval can proceed quickly and of course with the high reliability which you are used to see at CTC advanced.

Our long-time experience in fingerprint spoofing allows us also to supplement the Android process with further highly advanced identification testing services.

Market is evolving and you can already look forward to another important step in our identification test services. Soon we will underline our expertise in identification services by providing Android Face Authentication. Stay tuned for more information!

Julian Meyer, Area Coordinator “Level 1 and Biometrics”: We are very proud that with this accreditation we have taken another step in our comprehensive service, our strong position on the global market and, above all, our steadily increasing customer satisfaction.


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