ERRATA test cases for DC POS 3.0

Implementation of ERRATA test cases for DC POS 3.0

From now on, CTC advanced GmbH offers all customers with a device certification according to regulations of the German Banking Industry (GBIC approval procedure) tests in the area of DC POS 3.0 according to the modified test case catalogue with (Errata) tests.

An update (errata) has been published for the DC POS 3.0 specification.
The resulting changes in the test case catalogue EMVPOS 3.08 with Errata status 26.01.2021
and the changes to the terminal software have already been implemented in our DK functional test laboratory.

… To whom is this relevant?

To all terminal manufacturers with devices/software certification according to regulations of the German Banking Industry.

… what advantage do you have as a customer?

After passing the functional test, the manufacturer receives a final report for the approval at the DK approval office. This approval serves the manufacturer as proof for the network operator that the changes have been successfully implemented in accordance with Errata in the software of his terminals. CTC advanced as an independent laboratory carries out this functional test followed by a certification by the German Banking Industry.

Andreas Marx,
Testing Manager CTC advanced:

‘We can continue to offer our DK terminal customers all testing services in the area of GERMAN BANKING INDUSTRY COMITEE (GBIC). In addition to the new Errata test cases DC POS 3.0, we also continue to perform tests according to specification TA7.2 for girocard for all terminal customers.’

Our accreditations and services in the DK area for GERMAN BANKING INDUSTRY COMMITTEE (GBIC):

– POS Terminal (EMV Debit/Credit) according to DC-POS 3.0
– girocard terminal and network operation according to TA 7.2/DC-POS 3.0
– ATMs (EMV) according to GA 2019
– GeldKarte with loading terminal
– GeldKarte with pocket card reader, merchant system and deposit terminal
– Additional application terminal
– Web-based Online Test Tool – ‘CTC Online Host