EMVCo Interoperability L1

EMV® Interoperability L1


CTC advanced is accredited to perform EMV® Interoperability L1 Testing

EMVCo has introduced interoperability testing as indicated in the Bulletin 208. Testing according to this specification has been optional, but will become mandatory on January 1st 2019.


What does this mean?


New products or amended products must prove their compliance with EMV® Interoperability L1 testing from January 1st 2019 onwards. CTC advanced runs such tests in minimum time by using a fully automated test bench, and surely, Debug Testing is also available.


Products that have already obtained a Level 1 LOA (Letter of Approval) without having run the (up to now optional) interoperability, may achieve extended type approval by simply presenting
the unchanged product for EMV® interoperability L1 testing to CTC advanced.

But caution: This transition period only lasts until December 31st 2019!

CTC advanced holds resources available to quickly help with EMV® Interoperability L1 testing.


Don’t miss the date and be prepared!
We are able to speed up your approval process through all levels including Combination/Integration testing and happy to consult you with the optimum qualification strategy for you and your product. Just contact us!