EMV 3.0

Get ready for EMV 3.0 Spec – together with CTC advanced



EMVCo, the facilitator for worldwide interoperability and acceptance of secure payment transactions, is going to enter a new level for EMV® contactless systems: EMV® Level 1 Contactless Interface Specification v3.0 (aka “EMV® 3.0”)


EMV® 3.0 describes the minimum functionality required of Proximity Integrated Circuit Cards (PICCs) and Proximity Coupling Devices (PCDs) to ensure correct operation and interoperability independent of the application to be used. PICCs and PCDs may provide additional proprietary functionality and features even exceeding the scope of EMV® 3.0.


While manufacturers of PICCs and PCDs and system designers in payment systems have to consider the specifications to achieve EMVCo type approval, CTC advanced supports these by evaluating the respective product’s specification compliance.


Contact us to get ready for EMVCo 3.0. We are able to conduct these tests for you! End even more, we support the supplementary qualification of applications for most payment schemes and offer you One-Stop-Shopping.