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  • Acceptance Devices (Contactless Terminal Level 2)
  • SoftPOS (Tap to Phone / COTS)

The list of standards contained in the scope is accessible via the IECEE website


CTC advanced holds the accreditation to certify Point of Interaction (POI) devices (terminal readers) to the latest nexo standards specifications

To discover more of our accreditations, certifications & recognitions, e. g. to DECT, NATA, OFCA, VISA etc. please feel free to contact us:


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Extension of the transition period ISED Certification for the approval of 24 GHz radar devices in Canada

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As our customer and partner you are surely keen to gain confidence in CTC advanced’s commitment to Compliance in Anti-Bribery, fair work conditions and many more. We are well aware of the compliance requirements a company like ours is obliged to fulfil. Anyhow, being a Germany-based company, many of the requirements are enforced by law. Even more, we as CTC advanced GmbH (a member of RWTÜV group) adhere to the Compliance Principles of the RWTÜV group.

Here you will find the Compliance Principles of the RWTÜV group by which we also conform to your requirements for business partners. On the last page you can find the member companies of RWTÜV group (including CTC advanced GmbH).

We kindly ask you to take note of our compliance to your requirements for business partners.

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