CTC advanced – Your SIGFOX partner

CTC advanced is an accredited partner for regulatory testing and certification of SIGFOX devices


Providing the respective network, SIGFOX offers connectivity and interoperability to modern LPWAN applications.

CTC advanced – as SIGFOX partner for testing and certification – has assembled a service package, which offers the full range of qualifications, which are necessary when entering the market with a new product:


  • Regulatory Testing:
    Europe (RED; Notified Body Service), USA (FCC; TCB Service); Canada (ISED; FCB Service); Japan (RCB Service) and International Type Approval
  • Certification:
    CTC advanced leads you through the certification process with SIGFOX READYTM testing and certification consulting


Have a look at SIGFOX’s website: https://partners.sigfox.com/companies/ctc-advanced-gmbh