Crash Test Bench

CTC advanced’s Crash Test Bench – based on the concepts of pneumatics


Let us give you an introduction to our improved Crash Test Bench that helps
us to serve our customers, especially in the field of automotive, even more comprehensively and reliably.



Here are the key facts:

  • pneumatic crash test bench
  • self-braking slide for a controlled deceleration
  • nominal thrust: 900 kN
  • systems pressure: max. 224 bar
  • mounting surface of the slide: 1,2 m x 1,2 m
  • applicable for even larger test items by use of appropriate fixtures
  • sensor technology available for the recording of relevant
    values, such as force / displacement / acceleration
  • synchronous event evaluation with high speed cameras


How can we support you with your ECE R 100 or freedom car testing?

  • ECE R 100 pulse – payload > 1.000 kg
  • semi-sinusoidal pulse, acceleration 60 g / 45 ms – payload = 350 kg

    [payload = total moving mass (test item incl. fixture)]


Are you looking for a lab to perform automotive testing and approval?

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