The major features of CTC advanced are testing and certification of electronic devices with most advanced telecommunication interfaces. CTC advanced GmbH is versed in worldwide approval procedures and applies them professionally for a quick and independent homologation of their customers’ devices – no matter what industry they belong to. Measurements of radio interfaces, electromagnetic compatibility as well as electrical safety in labs accredited according to ISO 17025 provide the essential fundament of certification.

In CTC advanced’s environmental simulation labs products are being tested to verify their robustness towards environmental impact. They are even subjected to destructive examinations, e.g. during safety tests of batteries.

CTC advanced’s labs for “payment & identification” test and certify devices for cashless payment transactions, like credit cards and card readers, as well as ATMs on the basis of versatile accreditations in the banking sector.

The line-up of products tested in CTC advanced’s accredited labs is broad and ranges from E-marking for subassemblies of vehicles to contactless credit cards and from hearing aids to MRI scanners.



Andreas Ehre, Managing Director

Summer vacation has already started in most federal states and this is a good moment for me to simply wish you a relaxing time. Take a break from everyday life and recharge your batteries for the things that are fun!

Of course, it’s always best to enjoy what you do. I can say from my own experience – and I have personally worked in many positions in the more than 20 years I have been with CTC advanced: I have always enjoyed my work here, and I still enjoy it today!

Helping our customers to get their latest products approved in a wide variety of markets is what we live for! Whether planning and conducting technical tests or negotiating with regulatory authorities around the world, dealing with the latest technologies combined with comprehensive customer support are the spirit of CTC advanced.

Bernd Rebmann, Director Operations

However, the balance between work and life is also very important to us. We simply wish everyone in our CTC family to feel good. Because only with satisfied and committed employees can we continue to provide the optimum services that our customers have come to expect from us.

Whether you’re more scientific or linguistic inclined, we have plenty of exciting jobs, from test engineer to project manager to international certification manager. Take a look at our careers page, surely there is something interesting for you: https://ctcadvanced.com/career/

If you think you could fit into our team and enjoy helping our customers, we would be pleased to meet you in person.

You are welcome to apply to us. Above all, get well through the summer season.


RWTÜV a strong shareholder for CTC advanced GmbH
CTC advanced GmbH is part of the overall company structure of the RWTÜV.

RWTÜV is a holding company for technology service providers, and is independent of the capital market. RWTÜV ‘s lean, highly efficient group structure and diversified portfolio are not only a source of strength but also afford the possibility of retaining its identity as a medium-sized company.

RWTÜV provides its portfolio companies with a solid foundation that enables them to establish a sustainable position for continued success in their respective markets … More about RWTÜV

CTC advanced offers a wide range of services and solutions helping companies to develop and execute product testing plans, to determine a product’s compliance status and to master the increasingly complex regulatory issues of the international market.


Whatever industry or market, anywhere in the world, as soon as communication technologies or renewable energies are involved CTC advanced is your global partner for providing independent component and product testing that aid in improving quality, improving safety and reducing time-to-market.

CTC advanced holds extensive global accreditations for the testing of virtually all telecommunication and IT products. Our test services include safety and quality control, development support, prototype testing and validation, coexistence and interoperability testing.


Anyone who wishes to launch products successfully into local or international markets needs the correct authorizations. In many cases, compliance conditions for particular markets differ from country to country.

CTC advanced certifies according to international and local standards for a wide range of industries and technologies. We can perform the necessary tests and manage the entire certification process from start to finish, helping you to get your product into its target markets quickly.