CAT-iq 2.1 Certification Testing

Certification window opened by DECT Forum – CTC advanced now officially able to perform CAT-iq 2.1 certification testing


The DECT Forum, the worldwide association of the wireless home and enterprise communication industry, has lately announced that the CAT-iq 2.1 certification window is now open.
CAT-iq is a registered trademark in 47 countries of the world and CAT-iq 2.1 is a successor of CAT-iq 2.0 with new features like:


• 3-party conference call
• Intrusion call
• Digital Telephone answering machine
• Answering Machine control
• Enhanced Security
• ‘Green’ Power Saving Aspects
• Diagnostics features
• Recommended Tones (optional)
• Handset Capability Enquiry
• Support Personal Phonebook in HS


CTC advanced is one of the two test houses worldwide, which are able to conduct the testing and certification of CAT-iq 2.1.
We offer the full range of testing to fulfil the requirements of the CAT-iq 2.1 certification program:


• Interoperability Test (incl. GAP)
• RF Test (incl. long slot)
• Acoustic Test


In addition, we are recognized Certification Body for CAT-iq and thus allowed to conduct the certification for you and your product.
Especially DECT vendors with routers, base stations, handsets or headsets, CAT-iq 2.1 will enjoy testing of new features required by global network provider at the leading CAT-iq test house.


Do not hesitate to reach out to us regarding any question you might have in the field of CAT-iq 2.1. We are at your service!


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