Biometric card testing & consulting services

You are planning a Biometric Payment Card? – CTC advanced provides consulting and testing services for the new generation of sensor based card products


There is no doubt: the new generation of Biometric Payment Cards will be one of the major topics in the payment world in 2020. With CTC advanced’s test lab offering consultancy and debug services on how to test and certify this new type of payment card, vendors will be up-to-date and compliant to payment scheme requirements.


CTC advanced test lab provides a 360° view on your Biometric Payment Card product and offers a clear strategy to prepare the Biometric Payment Card to be compliant to market requirements. A biometric sensor for capturing data will be a major part of the new card type used for payment. Fingerprint is a viable technology that will enhance the customers’ trust in payment process.
As there is no specific change on payment terminal side, Biometric Cards will smoothly fit into the payment process and banking eco-system.


CTC advanced Biometric Card consultancy is useful for any issuing party, sensor manufacturer or enrollment terminal vendor as part of quality assurance and preparation of the testing and certification of the Biometric Card.
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