ANSI C63.27 – Pioneers in Coexistence Testing

CTC advanced has developed new test set up to verify the robustness of RF products in wireless coexistence scenarios

What was the challenge?

CTC advanced’s call of duty was to offer a service to its customers to verify the robustness of RF medical devices with radio technologies in wireless coexistence scenarios according to the ANSI C 63.27 standard and accepted by the FDA as part of the risk assessment. Developing a test setup, reducing the test time by a factor of 2 and more, was the choice.

What is the IEEE C63.27-2017?

IEEE C63.27 is the “American National Standard for Evaluation of Wireless Coexistence”.
In this standard, an evaluation process and supporting test methods are provided to quantify the ability of a wireless device to coexist with other wireless services in its intended radio frequency (RF) environments.
To bring medical devices with RF technologies to US markets, ANSI C63.27 is mandatory. Manufacturers of these products can use the service of an accredited test lab or the self-declaration to state that the product meets the standard.

Behind the technical scenes

The previous test setup consists of six wireless access points with associated laptop for simulation of the three active wireless networks. The LTE connection had to be simulated with two wideband communication testers by R&S.
The new setup uses a Vector Signal Generator from Rohde & Schwarz with a bandwidth of 120 MHz. The interference signals are consisting of maximum

  • 3 x 20 MHz WLAN and
  • 2 x 10 MHz LTE TTD

signals, pre-calculated by our technical experts. The interference signals are generated at the push of a button and not the hard way by managing six access points in an anechoic chamber.
The individual signals are generated with WINIQSIM2 simulation software. The ARB Toolbox for the creation of complex multi carrier scenarios summarizes both simulations into one file.
The interferer signals generated by the Signal Generator can be produced in 2.4 and 5 GHz band.

CTC advanced is your partner for Coexistence Testing

CTC advanced is able to deliver a test report, which can be used as input for the risk assessment required by the FDA.

Business benefit

  • The fast execution of the tests prevents a delay in market introduction.
  • Your CTC advantage: save costs on considerably shortened testing times

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