Advanced service for ‘Discover D-PAS Connect’

CTC advanced is now ready for ‘Discover D-PAS Connect’.

We use the Galitt tools “D-PAS Connect” Card and Terminal Test Suites for testing and certification.

… To whom is this relevant?

This extended service is relevant to all payment customers of CTC advanced, especially in the field of terminals and cards.


… what advantage do you have as a customer?

Your advantage of having CTC advanced at your side:

  • Reliable assistance and guidance from a single point of contact with a detailed project analysis in accordance with your special requirements.
  • Flexibility due to short lead times and fast availability of test slots combined with remote access for debug testing – you can work at any time without regard to time zones.
  • Transparency by permanent data exchange, direct notification and support in failure analysis. You are always up to date with regard to the status of your project.

Your advantage of having access to the Galitt tool:

  • Ease of use while simultaneously having comprehensive result interpretation by a high professional engineer view’ that offers an in-depth interpreted view of terminal/card APDU exchanges.
  • High efficiency by evaluation of live APDU exchanges and automatic processing for
    most of the test cases.
  • High level of automation, the professional user interface and the test tool’s log file archiving architecture are bringing a high level of confidence and reliability to the user.


‘The utilization of “D-PAS Connect Suite” permits a fast and frictionless test process. It allows to fully perform and analyze the test campaign in a short time with the highest degree in quality while simultaneously considering the implementation’s variety of functions.
The efficient and reliable Galitt support team satisfies with an excellent processing of our support requests.
With CTC advanced as your partner in Discover D-PAS Connect, you have a renowned and experienced partner at your side, who convinces with expertise, absolute reliability and secrecy.’

Thomas Velhagen
Head of Department, Smart Card Technologies , CTC advanced