CTC advanced offers a wide range of services and solutions helping companies to develop and execute product testing plans,to determine a product’s compliance status and to master the increasingly complex regulatory issues of the international market.


As a member of various international bodies, CTC advanced is constantly up to date with the newest developments. Wherever new standards are set we are well positioned to help you in achieving regulatory and legal compliance, in identifying problems where they are likely to occur and in taking the necessary action to solve the problems.

CTC advanced supports the engineering phase by setting and evolving the requirements of the product’s future market.

Product development support, from the development idea up to the final product certification.

Support in the designing phase by means of product testing and analysing at  particular development stag or point in time, which have been preliminarily defined in accordance with the product developer.

Detailed support as to the meaning and interpretation of standards and technical specifications.

On customer request CTC advanced analyses complex technical cases in order to provide an expert opinion.

Besides regularly organized on-site interop-test-events (Plug-test/Cross-over-testing) CTC advanced offers special interop tests which are conducted in our own state-of-the-art laboratories. Contact us for more information!

In whatever country you wish to launch your product, CTC advanced provides fast, innovative solutions to ensure that the products comply with applicable standards.

With our long-standing experience in product testing CTC advanced is a leading provider of consulting in certification and quality processes. We support in developing new private or regulatory certification schemes.

CTC advanced offers training sessions, seminars and workshops on various aspects of the approval procedures from A like acoustic measurements to Z like Zigbee certification. Contact us for more information! See our upcoming events here or let us know your demand for an individal workshop.


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